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WA Will Bank

WA Will Bank

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Where's Your Will? Store it safely in the WA Will Bank

Despite diligently investing time and money maintaining a current and valid Will, many people don't think about the need for it to be safely stored. Inevitably that means that at the very time the Will is required, it can't be found. The Public Trustee receives many calls each week from distressed relatives unable to locate their loved one's Will in the hope that we may have it. Often, we do not and its whereabouts is anyone's guess.

The WA Will Bank is a community service that offers Western Australians safe Will storage in a purpose-built, fire-proof vault, keeping the Will safe from loss, theft or damage.

The WA Will Bank is a logical place people can think of when looking for your Will.

By storing your Will in a safe place where your loved ones will find it, you will minimise the risk that others think you have died intestate (without a Will) in which case your estate would be distributed by law and not at all as you had wished.

The WA Will Bank service is free if you deposit your Will personally. A storage and processing fee of $195 may apply if a third party deposits a Will.

How do I store my Will in WA Will Bank?

To store your Will in the WA Will Bank, complete the WA Will Bank Deposit Form and take your original Will, the completed form and current identification to the Public Trustee at 553 Hay Street, Perth. The office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm (closed public holidays).

Alternatively, if you would like to lodge your Will by registered post, complete the WA Will Bank Deposit Form and post it, along with your original Will and certified copies of your current identification, to our office.

Please note that the Public Trustee is only able to accept original Wills for deposit in the WA Will Bank. For more information about what identification we can accept, please refer to the Public Trustee Identification Requirements.

Don't forget to phone 1300 746 116 to let us know if you make a later will than the one stored in the WA Will Bank and to make sure your latest will is safely stored.

How do I retrieve a Will or obtain a copy?

We take strict precautions to protect Wills held in the Public Trustee’s WA Will Bank and the confidentiality of testators. We will not disclose whether we hold a person’s Will without a valid written request and identification from the testator or authorised third party.  

If we hold your Will for safekeeping in the WA Will Bank, you may request a copy or withdrawal of your Will by completing the WA Will Bank Request for Copy or Withdrawal of Will by Testator. In very limited circumstances, a third party, may request a copy or withdrawal of a Will using the appropriate 3rd Party Request Form. Third party requests are reviewed by our legal practitioners. Wills are held in a secured vault. Requests take two business days to process and Wills or Copy Wills can be forwarded either by registered post or can be collected from our Perth Officer at an arranged time.

Last updated: 27-Nov-2020

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