Why choose the Public Trustee?

The Public Trustee has been offering trust management services since 1941 - helping people in various and often complex situations, and providing a reliable, efficient, unbiased and professional service to the Western Australian community.

The role of the Public Trustee includes making financial and legal decisions that are in the best interests of the client. The Public Trustee has a large number of qualified trust managers with many years experience in this field. They have the responsibility to ensure that the Represented Person's financial affairs are properly managed and maintained.

The Public Trustee will:

The Public Trustee can only be appointed to manage an individual's financial affairs by the State Administrative Tribunal. The authority given to the administrator is at the discretion of the tribunal and may be all encompassing or limited to one or more specific matters. The appointment may be for a limited period of time or continuous.

Decisions by the Public Trustee as administrator of the estate of a represented person are made only after consultation with all concerned parties and take into account the person's financial resources, lifestyle, obligations and any commitments made prior to their incapacity, including any intentions expressed in their will.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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