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Standards of Service Charter

The Public Trustee is committed to service excellence and monitors its service to ensure that it meets the standards set out in the Public Trustee's Standards of Service Charter.

The Public Trustee and staff are committed to:

  • providing excellent service to all clients
  • providing prompt and courteous, confidential services in a professional manner
  • maintaining the highest ethical standards of integrity, accessibility, equity and fairness
  • providing professional and competent advice to all clients
  • continuous improvement of all aspects of our service.

Public Trustee clients will be dealt with courteously, promptly and in a professional and caring manner by all staff.


Where a response is required, all correspondence will be replied to or acknowledged within seven working days of receipt.


The Public Trustee will treat your affairs as confidential and will not pass any information about your affairs to any other person or organisation without your consent or unless required to do so by law.

Personal appointments welcome

Clients of the Wills, Estate Management and Trust Management divisions should make an appointment to be attended to personally. This provides greater certainty for all clients to be seen at the agreed appointed time.

The Public Trustee maintains a 'Wills on Wheels' service and will visit Will clients who have a disability or are otherwise incapacitated in their home or hospital environment.

The Public Trustee ensures all Western Australians, including those with disability, have equitable access to services, information, facilities and events.

Guardianship appointments

Administration will start within 24 hours of receipt of the order from the State Administrative Tribunal. When an order is revoked, the Public Trustee, on receipt of the order, will pay the balance within five working days.

Court awards

A decision will be made on the purchase of personal items with 24 hours of receipt of the request to do so. Clients will then be notified immediately.

Powers of attorney

Requests for advances will be acted upon without delay.

Administration of deceased estates

At the first meeting with the Public Trustee:

  • the deceased estate administration procedure will be fully explained to the beneficiaries
  • a time frame for the completion of the estate will be discussed with the beneficiaries
  • the beneficiaries will be consulted on their preferences in relation to the distribution of assets
  • the beneficiaries will be consulted as to the manner in which they will be kept informed of the progress of the estate.

Will services

Most Wills will be prepared and completed during the interview. Wills where subsequent work is required after the interview will be completed within 1-2 weeks of taking instructions.

Clients can expect complete confidentiality of the content of their Wills and all personal information given. Wills are kept in safe and secure storage and beneficiaries will be contacted promptly on receipt by the Public Trustee of advice of the death of the testator.

Where clients request specific provisions to be included in their Will that are likely to cause future difficulties in administration, they will be fully informed of the possible ramifications and advised of the appropriate alternatives.

At the time of signing the Will, clients will be fully advised of the meaning of the wording of the Will. Any change required during preparation of the Will shall be fully discussed with, and agreed to by, the client to ensure that it reflects their wishes.

Other services

Where funds are available in the estate, and administration permits, the Public Trustee will ensure that all accounts are paid within the nominated credit time.

Where possible, the Public Trustee will advance money against the security of assets in the estate in order to pay funeral expenses.

Security for clients

The Public Trustee is Government guaranteed, providing total security for clients' funds. The Public Trustee, being a body corporate in perpetuity, ensures ongoing service to all of its clients.

Our Feedback Commitment

The Public Trustee is committed to improving the quality of services provided. Feedback (complaints, compliments or suggestions) is welcome, and managed in accordance with the Department of Justice's Customer Feedback Management Policy and Procedure.

Feedback can be provided by using the Department's Customer Feedback Management System on the Department of the Justice's website.

Other ways of giving feedback include:

  • contacting the officer (or their manager) handling the matter
  • completing a Department of Justice customer feedback form which is available at the office or posted to clients upon request
  • writing to the
    Public Trustee
    GPO Box M946
    PERTH WA 6843
  • emailing;
  • telephoning 1300 746 116;
  • faxing 9222 6617; or
  • in person at our office at 553 Hay St Perth.

The State Ombudsman

The State Ombudsman is available to assist people who have complaints about the decision-making and practices of State Government departments or agencies. The Ombudsman does not review the decisions, but the policy and procedures employed in making decisions.

If your complaint has not been resolved by the officer or manager handling the matter, or the Customer Feedback Management System, then your complaint can be made in writing to:

The State Ombudsman
PO Box Z5386
St Georges Terrace

Location: St Martins Tower, Level 12 44 St Georges Terrace, PERTH WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9220 7555
Freecall: 1800 117 000 (Country WA)
Fax: (08) 9325 1107

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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