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Give2Good Foundation

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What is Give2Good?

The Give2Good Foundation is a Western Australian community foundation. It was established by two Deeds of Trust signed by the Public Trustee of Western Australia (as Trustee) and Dr Penelope Flett AO (as Founder).

The ‘Give2Good Public Ancillary Fund’ and the ‘Give2Good Charitable Fund’ are umbrella funds for people wanting to give to charity over an extended period, either during their lifetime or after they have passed away. By using an umbrella fund, donors and testators will no longer need to go to the trouble and expense of setting up a philanthropic structure of their own.

Donations and bequests are made to Give2Good in the form of endowed funds, which accumulate to form a ‘corpus’ – funds intended to be invested indefinitely.

The Public Trustee invests these funds to generate an ongoing stream of income, which is returned to the community in the form of annual grants.

Donations and bequests can be made to:

  • the Give2Good Foundation Public Ancillary Fund (ABN 19 176 396 942)
  • the Give2Good Charitable Foundation (ABN 77 870 780 578); or
  • one or more specific accounts that already exist within either of the above Funds.

For donations or bequests over $20,000, donors and testators can choose to establish their own named account or memorial account nominating their preferred beneficiaries and a contact person for their account who will receive annual statements summarising incoming donations, investment returns and charitable gifts made to beneficiaries.

With the Public Trustee as Trustee, donors and beneficiaries can feel confident that their charitable funds will be prudently and properly administered. West Australians will also have the security of knowing that Give2Good will be around for many generations to come.

Types of Funds & Accounts

Give2Good has two distinct trust funds through which your charitable contribution can be administered.

Give2Good Foundation Public Ancillary Fund

The Public Ancillary Fund has tax deductible status and donations are 100% tax deductible. Grants from this fund can only be made to eligible charities with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. DGR status is an Australian Tax Office classification of a fund that enables donors to that fund to claim a tax deduction.

Give2Good Foundation Charitable Fund

The Charitable Fund does not have tax deductible status, so your gift is not tax deductible. However, your contribution through this fund will still generate income to benefit a wide range of community organisations and causes, as long as they are charitable.

Named Accounts

There are a range of Give2Good accounts that can be established. Who you wish to benefit will determine whether the account is established under the Public Ancillary Fund or the Charitable Fund.

Donor Account
This type of account can be established during your lifetime so that you can see how your donation benefits a cause or community. Your capital will be preserved and invested by the Public Trustee and generated income will be distributed annually.

Will Bequest Account
This type of account allows you to establish a named memorial account under your Will so that your legacy and/or contribution to the community will continue to be recognised after your death. Your capital will be preserved and invested by the Public Trustee and generated income will be distributed annually.

Corporate Account
This type of account is for corporations wishing to give ongoing assistance to charitable organisations. A corporate account recognises the generous contributions made by the company and highlights the corporate name. Corporate accounts can include workplace giving contributions.

Regional Account
Regions can establish their own account under the Give2Good Foundation umbrella. This allows committees to focus on the practical aspects of developing their community rather than establishing infrastructure and completing time-consuming administrative tasks associated with trust management. 

How do I Give2Good?

Give2Good makes giving easy. You can make donations during your lifetime, or leave a charitable bequest in your will.

  • To donate to an existing account, or to discuss establishing a named account, contact the Public Trustee on 1300 746 116 or visit the Make a donation page.
  • To make a Give2Good bequest through your Will, advise the Public Trustee or your solicitor when you contact them to prepare or update your will. Of course, you will still have the option to give one-off bequests direct to your preferred charity and/or create a trust benefitting charities through your Will.

Making a Charitable Bequest through your Will

We strongly recommend having your Will professionally prepared by the Public Trustee or a private solicitor as Wills containing charitable gifts are sometimes challenged after the testator passes away. These professionals can advise you on your charitable bequest and word your will according to your wishes.

We also recommend storing your Will in the WA Will Bank to ensure your will is held safely and securely and can be easily accessed by your executor when it’s time to administer it. There are no costs associated with storing your Will in the WA Will Bank.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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